New Music: Hayden James – Between Us

New Music: Hayden James - Between Us
New Music: Hayden James – Between Us

Download New Music: Hayden James – Between Us

Hayden James comes through with a brand new smashing hot and dope studio album, packed with 11 amazing and solid tracks entitled “Between Us”. Triple-platinum electronic and pop producer Hayden James released his debut album Between Us on Future Classic.

“The record itself is about human connection, about love, about loss, but ultimately it’s mostly about hope,” The tastemaker adds that Between Us is about different stages of relationships and that the album’s tracks relate to experiences he has personally gone through. James adds that he wrote and co-wrote all of the lyrics on the debut album, which he spent about two years making. Between Us features a number of collaborations with acclaimed artists—including Elderbook, Boy Matthews, Running Touch, Panama and GRAACE—and James notes that the album boasts his classic “summery, chill and sexy” sounds.

“Everything that I write obviously has my own DNA in it,” he adds. “It’s important to me to make sure that when people listen to a record of mine they know it’s a Hayden James record without having to look it up, and that comes to production techniques I use or the way I actually write the songs. So this record is more of a development of my sounds than anything else.” The album’s lead single “Nowhere To Go” was created in collaboration with NAATIONS (a duo by Nicky Night Time and Nat Dunn) and released last month ahead of the release of Between Us.

“I met Nicky and Nat (NAATIONS) last year in Los Angeles,” James said in a press release. “I played them a bunch of demos I’d been working on and one just clicked. I’d written it the night before and Nat and Nicky came with an incredible top line that just fit perfectly. This song has always had a big summer vibe for me—I feel a sense of freedom and hope and the notion of ‘you only live once’ so make the most of it…‘we ain’t got no better place to go, doesn’t matter ‘cause I know you.’”

This summer, James will embark on an Australian tour to accompany the album before heading off to his largest United States tour to date. The Between Us tour will also make its way through the United Kingdom and Europe this fall. The artist says he has been working on this tour for six months, and it will boast a lot of work on the production side. Featured vocals from the album will also come on the tour, and James says he will play synthesizers and other musical hardware on stage.

Looking forward, James says he plans to collaborate with United States and United Kingdom artists, and release more music. This is the kind of song(s) you wouldn’t want to miss on your playlist.

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Download, stream, listen and enjoy below.

Download New Music: Hayden James – Between Us


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