News: T.I. Honors Nipsey Hussle’s Memory During Capitol Hill Trip

News: T.I. Honors Nipsey Hussle's Memory During Capitol Hill Trip
News: T.I. Honors Nipsey Hussle’s Memory During Capitol Hill Trip

Though many have taken to saying “the marathon continues” as a means of honoring Nipsey Hussle’s memory, it can easy to forget that there’s an intentionality behind the mantra. Prior to his sudden murder, Nipsey was actively working on solidifying the betterment of his community, actively pursuing means to better the lives of at-risk youth, among other under-represented demographics. In fact, Nipsey was originally meant to attend the recent Opportunity Zone Minority Investors Summit and Congressional Black Caucus meeting, which both Charlamagne Tha God and T.I. ultimately attended in his stead. The pair both offered some thoughts and perspectives alongside legislators, a speech you can check out right here.

Following his contribution to the discourse, Tip took a moment to chop it up with a TMZ cameraman, summarizing his thoughts on the Capitol Hill experience. “We’re talking community revitalization, and how to make the best use of the opportunity zone legislation,” he explains. “I do more listening than speaking. Looking to download myself with the information so I can use it to my advantage along with my counterparts. Ironically, this is an event that Nipsey actually invited me to. Him and his partner David Gross invited me here on his behalf, and my own – I also have interest in Atlanta as he does in South Central on Crenshaw.”

When asked whether the next step of Nipsey’s legacy is destined for Capitol Hill, T.I. explains that the ramifications spread well beyond that. “We’re here discussing legislation that we can use to benefit places like Crenshaw, and Bankhead, other underserved areas of the community where we come from.” The cameraman points out that common ground might have to be struck with Republicans, the President among them. “I don’t have a problem with Republicans,” clarifies Tip. “I don’t think it’s about black, white, Democrat, Republican. It’s about decent and indecent. I don’t have a problem working with decent people.” Does that include Trump? T.I. leaves that up to interpretation – “I said decent people!” 

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