News: Young Thug Premieres New Song “Surf” During Mysterious Livestream

News: Young Thug Premieres New Song
News: Young Thug Premieres New Song “Surf” During Mysterious Livestream

Not long after launching a surreal and eerily uneventful livestream titled “Meet Me At The London,” Thugger interrupted the regularly scheduled programming to premiere a new song, which may or may not be titled “Surf.” The track itself marked a plesant surprise for those committed to the stream, and brought forth a gleeful sounding banger lined with signature Thug wit. Throughout, the rapper weaves across the instrumental, and while I didn’t catch any direct lines, he did mention cooking a ham once or twice.

At the moment of this writing, a woman wearing a green dress is in the midst of stuffing a cactus-shaped pinata full of skittles. Lining the ceiling are dozens of balloons, black, white, and lime green. The cactus pinata hangs, rotating. Nobody speaks. The woman lies down on the bed. The whole thing feels like performance art, and we’re left trying to make sense of it all. Could the cactus symbolize the once-teased collaboration with Travis Scott? At this point, we’ need Thugger to weigh in with some grounded perspective.

Has anyone been watching the livestream? Oh damn, a suited man has entered and escorted the woman from the room. Back to the cactus. The confusion is reaching a strange apex. We can only hope that another new song will follow suit. Try to catch “Surf” if you can, but if not, rest assured that it’s on the way. You’ve gotta hand it to Thug, who has once again come through with an interesting display of creativity. Who else is looking forward to that album?

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