News: Tory Lanez Says Label Told Him To Wait On Releasing 

News: Tory Lanez Says Label Told Him To Wait On Releasing
News: Tory Lanez Says Label Told Him To Wait On Releasing

Tory Lanez’ is finally dropping some new music next week. The rapper announced his single, “Broke Leg” featuring Quavo and Tyga, earlier this month during Instagram Live which is set to drop on May 31st. Within the past five months, Tory’s released a ton of music from his International Fargo tape to collaborations, as well as his singles, “Freaky” and “What Happened To The Kids.” Unfortunately, he explained that the reason why he hasn’t released as much music was due to a request from his label.

In case you were wondering why Tory hasn’t upheld his promise to start “flooding 2019” with new material following “Freaky,” it’s because his label told him to hold off from releasing new music until “Broke Leg” drops. Now that the single finally has a release date, the rapper pledged to takeover the summer with all sorts of new content from vlogs, videos and singles.

“I had to wait to release songs after #Freaky because my label told me to wait to drop music until #BrokeLeg dropped on the 31st,” he explained on his Instagram page. “Now that that’s over and cleared . I’m going back to what I was originally going to do . #ToryLanezTakeOver Back in FULL EFFECT ! 🔥🔥. MORE SONGS + MORE VIDEOS+ MORE BLOGS + ALL PROJECTS AND SINGLES DROP 📸: @midjordan.”

With the flooding set to arrive at the top of June, we’re hoping the rapper blesses us with a new project this summer.

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