New Music: Slayyyter – Daddy AF

New Music: Slayyyter - Daddy AF
New Music: Slayyyter – Daddy AF

Download New Music: Slayyyter – Daddy AF

Slayyyter comes through with a brand new smashing hot and dope single track entitled “Daddy AF“. Through her latest string of singles and hilarious online persona, avant-pop singer Slayyyter has made it abundantly clear that she couldn’t care less about what you think of her. The “Mine” singer puts out the kind of music that she likes, and revels in the fact that some of her fans lovingly call her music “trash-pop.”

Slayyyter doubled down on that fact with her brand new song “Daddy AF,” a pounding trap track brimming with the self-confidence of the much-loved online saying. The singer trades in her trademark vocals for a some high-energy chanting, as she exudes pure confidence. “I feel daddy as fuck/ Whippin’ in a pink truck, daddy as fuck,” she recites.

The video for the song capitalizes on Slayyyter’s unflinching confidence, showing her as a star with the confidence of Hugh Hefner and the ditzy disposition of Paris Hilton. Throughout the video, Slayyyter flaunts her boss status by lounging around a luxurious home, making out with models, posing for paparazzi and throwing a pool party.

For the new song, Slayyyter tells Billboard that she came up with the song when she had a recording session with fellow queer upcomer Robokid and producer AOBeats. “I was really hungover in the studio,” she says. “We were listening to crazy Russian trap music and that’s what inspired the beat. I wrote down some words and started freestyling, and the whole song came together in just a day.

She adds that she wanted to turn the gendered term on its head, saying that women shouldn’t be excluded from the concept of confidence. “The song is a trap-influenced party record about feeling like ‘the man,’” she says. “Girls feel daddy as fuck just as much as guys can. Slayyyter is the endgame of every late 2000’s tabloid star taken to its extreme. Her songs are glossy unabashed tributes to the sounds of Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, Fergie, and Paris Hilton that border on the satirical. She’s the kind of artist that will mail you a completely naked Barbie save for a hot pink sash with her name emblazoned across it as promo for her new single. Slayyyter knows her brand like the back of her hand, and realizes we are eating up every moment of it.

The breakout pop star’s “Daddy AF” music video unfolds like a baller’s fantasy — Project X (2012) mixed with the Playboy mansion and a dash of dollar sign Ke$ha, only Slayyyter is firmly on top and completely in charge. The song’s opening verse “I been fuckin’ models/ I been poppin’ bottles (all night),” sounds like it could’ve been plucked out of any dude’s trap party anthem from the past decade, infused with the sleaze of x-rated Internet forums, Tila Tequila stripper pop, and post-Charli XCX super stans. This is the kind of song(s) you wouldn’t want to miss on your playlist.

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Download, stream, listen and enjoy below.

Download New Music: Slayyyter – Daddy AF

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