News: Nelly Stops Las Vegas Show After Fan Unties His Shoe
News: Nelly Stops Las Vegas Show After Fan Unties His Shoe

Artists have pushed the pause button on their lives shows for many reasons. Some are accosted with items from the audience while others get their jewelry or clothing ripped off their bodies from over-zealous fans. Nelly, however, had to take a moment to gather his laces after an excited, front-row admirer untied his shoe. The rapper was just about to begin performing his 2000 hit “Country Grammar” for the Drai’s Beachclub audience when he raised his hand and asked the DJ to wait until he got his show game together.

“Babygirl, I appreciate the love, but why you untie my shoe?” he asked. “No, no, no, no…I’m a grown man. You can’t untie my shoe. If you trying to get my attention, that’s something else. But don’t untie my shoe. Now I got to stop and tie it up.” It’s difficult to tell if Nelly is having a bit of fun teasing the girl or if he has a serious attitude about his shoe being unlaced.

Following his mini-rant about being too grown for people to poke around his kicks, Nelly made sure to give a big thanks to Drai’s and the Las Vegas audience for supporting him for almost two decades in the music. The atmosphere lightened after that and the show continued on without any further interruptions.


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