News: Sheriff’s Department Advises People to Not Use Active Shooter To Describe Playing Basketball

News: Sheriff's Department Advises People to Not Use
News: Sheriff’s Department Advises People to Not Use “Active Shooter” To Describe Playing Basketball

As gunmen have increasingly stormed churches, schools, universities, restaurants—basically any public or private place to incite terror or cause mayhem—authorities have taken threats more seriously as they have in the past. We recently watched the aftermath of the STEM school shooting in Highland Park, Colorado where one student was killedand another eight were injured. In Parkland, Florida 17 people lost their lives at Stoneman Douglas High School. 

In Charleston, South Carolina, nine churchgoers were murdered at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. At the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas, thousands of people ran for their lives as bullets rang out, killing 58 people. In our social media-driven culture, people hop online to share what’s happening in real-time in the midst of terror. Investigators across the country stay alerted to all potential threats shared on social media, however, a recent series of tweets has caused the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department to issue a public service announcement about using certain words.

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