News: YG Gives A Closer Look At His Rolling Loud Nipsey Hussle Tribute Shirt
News: YG Gives A Closer Look At His Rolling Loud Nipsey Hussle Tribute Shirt

YG continues to be one of the most outspoken members of the hip-hop community regarding the death of Nipsey Hussle. The two were incredibly close, sharing tons of memories together and recording plenty of collaborative joints, including the popular “FDT.” The Game has been posting daily updates about how he’s been coping with Nipsey’s loss and although YG hasn’t been as consistent, much of his recent content has been dedicated to his friend. On the set of his “Stop Snitchin” video, YG even let 33 blue balloons fly into the sky to reach his brother from a different colour. During his set at Rolling Loud, YG brought out a few guests and made sure to leave a lasting impression on his crowd. Leaving with a Mustard duet, the Young Gangsta was decked out in a Nipsey tribute shirt while performing.

The rapper showed us a closer look at the apparel, letting us gather the front and back of it. On the front, it says “Long Live Nipsey” in big block letters and on the back, an image of the late rapper’s face adorns the garment. Nipsey Hussletributes were popular in Miami this weekend. The Los Angeles artist got love during the majority of sets with performers shouting him out as an inspiration, playing one of his songs, or honouring him in some other way. Audience members were also spotted wearing fan-made or official Marathon merch. YG went the hardest with his shirt, though.


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