News: Kanye West Rolls Out New Mother’s Day Sunday Service Merch

News: Kanye West Rolls Out New Mother's Day Sunday Service Merch
News: Kanye West Rolls Out New Mother’s Day Sunday Service Merch

Yesterday, instead of waiting until after the service was finished, fans of Kanye West’s Sunday Service performances were able to live-stream the event. It’s been a weekly tradition all year for the legendary artist, singing alongside a choir and tons of musicians, flipping his songs into gospel hits and banging out some traditional church hymns. From the beginning of his music career, Kanye has always tried to tribute his mother any way he can. Before she passed away, he recorded “Hey Mama,” a song that the two loved to sing together. After her untimely death, Ye established a foundation in her name. There will always be a part of Donda in his music and yesterday, Kanye had a chance to show love to his momma again, holding a special Sunday Service concert and releasing some merch dedicated to Mrs West.

The performance was live-streamed, following up on hopefully what becomes a regular thing after Coachella. Kanye and his team of professionals paraded through the desert and after the show was finished, new merchandise was uploaded to the recording artist’s webshop. If you’re a loyal Kanye supporter and you buy every single merch drop (I’ve been there…) then you better get your credit card ready because you can show love to your mom with a fresh crewneck from Yeezy.

With sweet messages saying “Beautiful Mother’s Day” and “I ❤ My Mom,” you can be stylish while also showing some love to the woman who brought you onto this Earth at the same time. Of course, since this is printed on Yeezy, the price is a little high at $165. Tupac Shakur’s estate also released special clothing for Mother’s Day, which you can check out here.

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