News: HBO Shares First Look Trailer Of Game Of Thrones Series Finale
News: HBO Shares First Look Trailer Of Game Of Thrones Series Finale

While Kawhi Leonard was busy sinking logic-defiant shots, television sets were also programmed elsewhere as fans continue to count down toward the series finale episode of Game of Thrones.

Shortly after Sunday’s showing of Episode 5 of Game Of Thrones in which Dany would finally burn King’s Landing to the ground, HBO unveiled the trailer for episode 6th, the final episode of the cult favorite television series.

In the new clip, we are given a clear shot of Dany’s back as she walks toward and observes the now destroyed King’s Landing, signaling toward Dany’s official transition.

Naturally, the outcome of Sunday night’s episode led to another domination of the internet, with the aforementioned Kawhi Leonard and his Toronto Raptors being the only non-GoT topics trending in the United States. The general consensus seems to be a distaste for the development of Dany’s character. To supplement the outrage, showrunners David Benioff also provided insight into Dany’s reason for burning up King’s Landing in the latest edition of “Inside The Episode.”

“[Dany’s] very much alone and that’s a dangerous thing for someone who’s got so much power to feel that isolated,” says Benioff. “At the very time when she needs guidance, everyone/s gone.

The series finale of Game of Thrones airs next Sunday, May 19th on HBO.


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