New Album: Jair Naves – Rente

New Album: Jair Naves - Rente
New Album: Jair Naves – Rente

Download New Album: Jair Naves – Rente

Jair Naves comes through with a brand new smashing hot and dope studio album, packed with 12 amazing and solid tracks entitled “Rente“. The truth is that Jair Naves was hoping for the worst for his songs. They would become dated and nonsense album. Torente for Rente, the album finally released this Friday, 3, became one of those cookie packages played on the bottom of the shelf of “items near the end of shelf life.” “But on the contrary, I was realizing that they were actually predicting what would happen,” he says. Rente, on the contrary, gained strength throughout the gestation of a year and a half, in four studio sessions in São Paulo. Instead of weakening, it has gained strength amidst the political chaos experienced by Brazil since 2017, when it began to be recorded. Elected as the revelation artist for the APCA award in 2013, when he stylistically broke with the sound he produced with the old band, Ludovic, a noisy and delightful union of distortion, pit bottoms and broken hearts, to transform himself as a solo artist, Jair Naves is a composer of dives. Each of the albums he released so far was like this. De Servil (2004) and Dead Language (2006), with Ludovic, to go through the EP Araguari (the aesthetic, behavioral and also authorial break of Naves), and to reach the albums of the solo phase, discs And You Sit In One Cueva Escura, Escaping the Trail, Digging the Floor with Your Nails (yes, all that !, 2012) and Thunders to Me (2015) – it’s worth to include in the list the most delicate and loving album, NavesHarris, created between he and fellow American Britt Harris. With fury and deep texts sometimes more proclaimed than sung, Jair Naves is an interesting figure of the independent scene from São Paulo. In Ludovic’s time, there was a feeling that “any time that skinny man is going to die on the stage.” Because he did not die and, on the verge of 40 years, Jair Naves is still easy to find walking the city given to the height, but more striking than this is his grave, resounding voice. “There are good singers and singers with personality,” he says, at one point in conversation with Rolling Stone Brazil, “I consider myself a singer with personality. This is the kind of song(s) you wouldn’t want to miss on your playlist.

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Download, stream, listen and enjoy below.

Download New Album: Jair Naves – Rente

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