New Album: Mac DeMarco – Here Comes the Cowboy

New Album: Mac DeMarco - Here Comes the Cowboy
New Album: Mac DeMarco – Here Comes the Cowboy

Download New Album: Mac DeMarco – Here Comes the Cowboy

Mac DeMarco comes through with a brand new smashing hot and dope studio album, packed with 13 amazing and solid tracks entitled “Here Comes the Cowboy“. You didn’t expect Mac DeMarco to stick around this long. That’s not a thinly veiled reference to the accidental indie scion’s smoke-‘em-while-you-got-‘em tendencies, representative of a nicotine habit so persistent that one of his earliest buzzmaking songs was a literal love letter to sucking down a particular brand of smoke sticks. Throughout this decade, the Canadian chill-rock guru has maintained a staying power far past what his scrappy, hissy early work as Makeout Videotape suggested.

As one of indie’s biggest crossover acts of the 2010s, DeMarco’s appeal is both generational and obvious in a way that even his strongest detractors can recognize. He is a mascot-like representation of indie’s transformation from left-of-center sonics to unabashed lifestyle music, exuding a viral-friendly silliness and public-facing approachability that’s often betrayed the emotional maturity of his music.

Earlier this week, The Ringer’s Rob Harvilla made a well-argued assertion that Vampire Weekend were perhaps the last indie band to truly break big and survive the buzz that accompanied their initial arrival 11 years ago, making the jump from big-deal indie to big-deal major without sacrificing one iota of their charm. DeMarco’s not quite there yet, and it’s unclear if he will ever be, but he’s one of the few indie artists from the 2010s who have showed similar and surprising staying power. His debut release under his own name, the warped and tricky Rock And Roll Night Club EP (which featured refurbished tracks from his Makeout Videotape days), was understandably overlooked upon release in 2012; 2 from the same year may as well be considered his true debut at this point, the record that put DeMarco on the map as a baseball-capped vibe-prankster for the Odd Future set. This is the kind of song(s) you wouldn’t want to miss on your playlist.

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Download, stream, listen and enjoy below.

Download New Album: Mac DeMarco – Here Comes the Cowboy


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