New Album: Donovan Woods – The Other Way

New Album: Donovan Woods - The Other Way
New Album: Donovan Woods – The Other Way

Download New Album: Donovan Woods – The Other Way

Donovan Woods comes through with a brand new smashing hot and dope studio album, packed with 12 amazing and solid entitled “The Other Way“. When picturing life in Canada, it is common to conjure up epic scenery of vast mountain ranges and a land ravaged by snow in unassuming blank spaces. If we adhere to this scenario, then Canadian music would be characterized by melancholy guitar chords and a muted percussive energy. In reality, however, Canada and its music is a thriving, vibrant being, with its footsteps blazing a path in Drake’s Toronto, and its fingertips plucking revolutionary notes in Arcade Fire’s Montréal. But its heart? Its heart is found nestled in one of the most unlikely places- in a city called Sarnia, where singer-songwriter Donovan Woods keeps it pumping with his sincerity and humble ambitions.

Woods is a voice that comes along once every few generations, softly murmuring louder than any theatrical wailing ever could. His first album Hold Up in 2007 saw its share of commercial success with three of its singles featured in a movie, a TV show, and a Grey Cup commercial respectively. His next three full-length albums continued fulfilling Woods’ vision of creating music authentically, with none as dynamic as his last album Both Ways. Winning the JUNO award for “Contemporary Roots Album of the Year”, Both Ways is a painstakingly crafted masterpiece of vulnerable moments and honest thoughts. Woods, however, believes that it still has more to give. So he decided to record The Other Way– a deft reimagined twin that strips Both Ways down to its acoustic essence. This is the kind of song(s) you wouldn’t want to miss on your playlist.

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Download, stream, listen and enjoy below.

Download New Album: Donovan Woods – The Other Way

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