New Music: Neon Hitch – Weakness

New Music: Neon Hitch - Weakness
New Music: Neon Hitch – Weakness

Download New Music: Neon Hitch – Weakness

Neon Hitch comes through with a brand new smashing hot and dope single track entitled “Weakness“. You might wonder who we are talking about? Well, the person in question is the fabulous British singer-songwriter Neon Hitch (notoriously known for her infectious dance-pop bangers “F*ck U Betta” and “Gold”) and her first full body of work in three years, of course. The beauty is appropriately titled “Reincarnation” and was ‘born’ via her fan label #WeRNeon on this particular day at midnight.

“Reincarnation” marks Hitch’s second album, following the release of “Anarchy” back in 2016. It was preceded by her feminist breakthrough anthem “I Know You Wannit” and the melancholic “Problem” over the last couple of years. Reincarnation” is a step towards learning to understand the singer at an even more personal level. During the course of writing her album, the “Sparks” singer went through several up’s and down’s, faced troubles, worries and conquered fears. All of this can be seen in her latest body of work. Whether it is captured in the life-affirming “I Know You Wannit” (“Don’t be shy, just open your mind / All of these rules got me losing sight”), in her pensive “Problem” (“I know I’m a fucking problem/ I know this is what they say”) or in the self-reflective “Head” (“too many times I lost my mind (…) This time around just gotta use my head” and “things only fall into places when I think for myself”). Neon Hitch’s latest album is a reflection of who she has become, not only as a person but also as an artist.

This is the reason why “Reincarnation” may be her best work to-date. While her life has put sticks and stones in her way, it has also shaped her, made her come back stronger. The intro alone demonstrates this. Only 84 seconds alone, it sets the tone for what is to come. Recapping her life shortly and the bad words thrown at her, Neon shows her haters who came out stronger , ending the sequence with the words “I just want to be happy, let’s party”.

And a party it is. While at some points more than at other points. Neon Hitch has always been a master at crafting catchy beats but “Reincarnation” sees her taking it to another level: With “1969”, Neon delivers the carefree party anthem that we deserve for the year and “Easy To Love” ends up being her most radio-friendly release in a while. The production is on point, the melodies are instantly memorable and the chorus is a charmer.

Obviously, the rest of the album is fabulous, too. Throughout the record, Neon’s voice shines brighter than gold. It stands out strong and recognizable upon the slick beats. Her writing is even clearer and more focused than before, the lines more poignant. If you don’t trust us, just listen to Hitch sweetly whispering “I could have you pussy-wipped” during the closing song of the album over a dreamy sequence and then come back to us. And while the topics of her songs might hurt sometimes, Neon -with her never-ending optimistic attitude- makes us believe that it is not so bad at all and that we can all rise from whatever comes our way if we just keep fighting, like she does.

Musically, the album is as diverse as possible. You have your tropical house-infused dance bops (“1969”), guitar-infused sunshine as a song (“E”), ballads (“Problem”), stand-up-anthems (“Easy To Love”, “I Know You Wannit”) as well as the general genre-blending mix that we have grown accustomed to by Neon.

According to the singer herself on Instagram, this is only the first part. Another album, most likely Reincarnation Part 2, is set to follow this year. We are more than just ready for it. This is the kind of song(s) you wouldn’t want to miss on your playlist.

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Download, stream, listen and enjoy below.

Download New Music: Neon Hitch – Weakness

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