News: Spike Lee Pens Touching Tribute To His “Brother” John Singleton

News: Spike Lee Pens Touching Tribute To His
News: Spike Lee Pens Touching Tribute To His “Brother” John Singleton

After announcing earlier today that John Singleton was being taken off life support, just a few hours later it was sadly reported that the famed director passed away. While lots of hip hop moguls have paid respects to the iconic director, famous for Boyz N Da Hood, Baby Boy, 2Fast 2Furious, Poetic Justice, Four Brothers, and Shaft none other than Spike Lee has now come through to share a touching post about his fallen brother. 

Alongside a photo of John in his glory days, Spike detailed how he met John while he was a film student at USC, and believed him the moment he said he was going to make it big. “I Will Forever Miss My Brother John Singleton. We Met While He Was A Film Student At USC. Over Many Years People Have Told Me “I’m Going To Be A Filmmaker”, When John Said That To Me The 1st Time We Met, I Believed Him Right Away,” Spike wrote. 

“It Was No Surprise. With His Passion, His Heart, The Way He Talked About His Love For Cinema And Black Folks I Could See John Would Make It Happen, And He Did. From Day One, We Have Remained Close Over The Decades, Cheering Each Other On In This Industry That Is Not Set Up For Us To Win. John Singleton’s Films Will Live On Forever. Blessings And Prayers For His Family. May John Rest In Power. Amen.”

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