News: Halle Berry Struts Legs In Mini Skirt On Red Carpet

News: Halle Berry Struts Legs In Mini Skirt On Red Carpet
News: Halle Berry Struts Legs In Mini Skirt On Red Carpet

Yes, she’s back with another thirst trap for us to enjoy. 52-year old actress Halle Berry was spotted in New York City this weekend. And though the Oscar winner was tending to work duties, she ensured to show up looking her best. The NYC photocall was organized as part of a promotion trail for Halle’s upcoming movie, the action-thriller John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum.

While on the red carpet this Sunday, however, the starlet managed to wow everyone in a classic mullet-fringed dress which amply brought focus to her toned, cafe au lait legs. The dress itself is luminous and reveals a star-riddled pattern against its deep blue contrast. The celestial look was a good match to the actress’ blonde streaks which fully do her facial features justice. The actress further dazzled in prompt, black heels studded and wrapped around her ankles. Can Halle Berry ever look bad? We don’t think so.

The movie star is set to feature on the new film with Matrix actor Keanu Reeves. Herein, she will play the character “Sofia”, a role which has apparently gotten Berry three broken ribs due to rigorous training. Hence, we can surely expect quite the intense jump, kicks, and uppercut moves and displays from the actress in the highly anticipated neo-noir action flick and film franchise.

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