News: 50 Cent’s War With Producer Randall Emmett

News: 50 Cent's War With Producer Randall Emmett
News: 50 Cent’s War With Producer Randall Emmett

50 Cent is a simple man where his principles are concerned. Should you owe him a debt, he expects that debt to be paid. Teairra Mari is in the middle of understanding said fact, as 50 has reminded her often and loudly. Now, film producer Randall Emmet has come to realize that hell hath no fury like a 50 owed. With the full power of social media behind him, 50 Cent has sunk his fangs into Emmett’s jugular, ostensibly over an unpaid debt of one million dollars. Yet there’s a clear subtext here, as evidenced by 50’s continued onslaught; he’s enjoying the massacre, as a bloodlust-fuelled viking enjoys carving down foes on the battlefield. And given Emmett’s own Weinstien-esque tendencies, the material from whence to draw is ample.

It began on Friday, when 50 highlighted a clip from Vanderpump Rules, a reality series featuring Emmett’s girlfriend Lala Kent. In the clip, she details seducing Emmett, which ultimately led to a mutually beneficial relationship: sexual favors in exchange for various gifts and luxuries. Perhaps it was the dead-serious manner in which she detailed their “Me Too” roleplay. You could almost see the glisten in his eye.

It was soon revealed that Emmett, who served as a producer on Power, actually owed Fifty the aforementioned debt. The next chapter of the saga details a subsequent exchange from Emmett and 50, which found the former all but begging for an armistice. “I’m sorry fofty,” he writes, explaining that he’s on the way to the emergency room with heart-attack like symptoms. Lest he forget, 50 is the man who once trolled a life-supported Rick Ross. 50 kept a consistent energy, warning Emmett that their confrontation might turn physical should the million not arrive in full.

50 continued to share snippets of their conversation, which found Emmett bizarrely reflecting on his request to include 50 in the wedding party. Once again, 50 is having none of it, explaining that he never wanted to be part of the wedding party, nor should Emmett have expected him to be. Once again, Emmett’s autocorrect settings get the best of him, as he doubles down on “I’m sorry, fofty.”

Upon hearing word of 50’s increasingly intense onslaught, Lala Kent stepped in hoping to shift the narrative. She claims that 50’s attempts to use the “Me Too” movement against her are deplorable, and accuses him of invalidating its principles. “If you have been affected by a man like 50, do not be quiet,” she states. 50 responded to the video in kind: “There’s no difference between Harvey Weinstein and Randel Emmett!”

From the moment, 50 fixed his sights on Emmett’s “heart attack” narrative, sending a few light jabs in his direction. It would appear one of 50’s loyal fans also rose to the occasion, editing Emmett’s Wikipedia page to include the following addendums: “He owes 50 cent (aka fofty) a million dollars by Monday or else. He’s faked a heart attack to get out of it thus far.” Upon being adjusted, 50 Cent took a moment to marvel at Wikipedia’s increasingly protective measure, which got a like out of Justin Bieber no less.

Ever the opportunist, 50 took a page outta the Teairra playbook, and found an innovative manner of capitalizing on the chaos. Should you be interested, you can be the proud owner of a limited edition “I’m sorry fofty t-shirt.” A$AP Ferg was among the first customers, writing “need” in response. The savage move prompted G-Herbo to chime in: “Lol Popssss aye adobt me man since yo other son told.” Apparently, 50 Cent has already made over three-hundred grand on said t-shirts.

From the look of it, 50 appears to be enjoying his newfound “fofty” moniker. For one, it’s led to the eternal allegiance of Chrissy Teigen, who has essentially bowed down before his might. Second, it’s opened the door for no shortage of ridiculous memes, a currency in which 50 happens to ably deal. Now that Monday has indeed come, there’s no telling what manner of madness 50 might roll out. Perhaps Emmett oughta cave in and pay up, before the game takes

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