News: 50 Cent Dons His Collector's Cap And Targets Teairra Mari
News: 50 Cent Dons His Collector’s Cap And Targets Teairra Mari

Pay your debts to Curtis, lest you face The Massacre or Self Destruct. Such was a lesson recently learned by Randall Emmett, who had his very soul put on blast by 50 Cent’s merciless nature. And while that particular mission concluded as a success for 50, the elusive Teairra Mari continues to play “hide the ducats.” Of course, we’ve long heard her issue cries of “I Ain’t Got It,” spawning a bastard-t-shirt in retaliation. And while 50 has attempted to elicit his due through brute force, it would appear Mari is – for the time being – impervious to such tactics.

Yet it’s entirely possible that Emmett’s collapse will only embolden 50. Case in point, Fif wasted little time in launching a renewed assault upon Mari, posting yet another picture at her expense. Once again, he harkens back to his newfound slogan; “Get The Strap” appears to have been replaced by “The Law Is The Law.” He also sends a parting shot at her ass, a line he revisits in the comment section. “I want my money before that shit she shot in her butt go’s into her blood stream,” he writes, expressing a faux-concern over her well being.

Should he double down, do you think Mari will follow Emmett’s lead and pay what’s owed? Or shall this dance, which some have likened to a perverse “mating ritual,” continue until beards turn gray?


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