News: Harvey Weinstein’s Sexual Assault Trial Delayed Until September

News: Harvey Weinstein's Sexual Assault Trial Delayed Until September
News: Harvey Weinstein’s Sexual Assault Trial Delayed Until September

While other public figures’ sexual assault cases seem to make headlines weekly, if not daily, humiliated filmmaker Harvey Weinstein’s court battle has been quietly kept out of the limelight. The movie executive used to be the top dog in Hollywood, but following a publicized, ongoing scandal that he preyed on unsuspecting women in the industry for decades, Weinstein has lost his title and hid from the world.

There have been critics who claim that the media is more concerned with the likes of R. Kelly and the sexual assault accusations against the singer and not with Weinstein. That may be because Weinstein’s lawyers have been moving in stealth, completing their court hearings in clandestine, closed-door, private sessions that have kept from cameras and prying eyes.

Weinstein is currently facing a number of charges, including those associated with accusations that he raped a woman in a New York hotel in 2013 and sexually forced himself on another woman in 2006. He pleaded not guilty to the charges, denied that he has done anything wrong, and is currently free on a $1 million bond. The 67-year-old’s trial was set to begin in early June, but on Friday it was delayed until September.

“We had a very good day in court today. We’re glad that the trial got back to September,” Weinstein attorney Jose Baez told reporters. “This is going to give us an ample opportunity to dig into the case.” The media has been banned from the courtroom because there is a concern with having a fair jury pool. Lawyers on both sides have also stated they wish to keep the identities of Weinstein’s accusers private. Nearly 80 women have come forward with claimsthat they were sexually harassed or assaulted by Weinstein.

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