News: Surviving R. Kelly Follow-Up Gets A Premiere Date
News: Surviving R. Kelly Follow-Up Gets A Premiere Date

When Surviving R. Kelly first aired, it became one of the biggest stories of the year. For such a long time, we had been hearing about R. Kelly’s inappropriate sexual history with young women and girls and finally, something was being communicated about it to the masses. Lifetime did a good job in making sure most of his accusers got a word in but with the high number of girls that have allegedly been assaulted by the singer, they obviously could not reach everybody. The months following the documentary’s premiere brought several arrests, an explosive interview, and more to the table and the network would be silly to miss their chance to follow up on the success of the first series. That’s why Lifetime will be coming back with Surviving R. Kelly: The Impact next month.

As reported by Deadline, the 2-hour special will air on May 4 and it will go through all that has happened since the documentary aired. It will be hosted by Soledad O’Brien, highlighting how the series impacted our culture, how it’s changed discussions about sexual abuse, and more. The special will feature original footage from the documentary, interviews with journalists and lawyers, and an in-depth breakdown of Kelly’s interview with Gayle King.


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