News: Magic Johnson’s Daughter Elisa Shares Scars From Home Invasion Escape

News: Magic Johnson's Daughter Elisa Shares Scars From Home Invasion Escape
News: Magic Johnson’s Daughter Elisa Shares Scars From Home Invasion Escape

Having your home broken into can leave victims feeling violated and scared, but when someone becomes the target of a home invasion, the ordeal turns horrifying. Last December, 24-year-old Elisa Johnson, daughter to NBA legend Magic Johnson, was sharing an Airbnb in the San Fernando Valley area of California. While there, the group became victims of a home invasion after two armed men descended on the location and surprised the 10 occupants. The friends were reportedly held at gunpoint and shuffled throughout the home. 

Elisa was in a bedroom when the commotion began, and when the perpetrators weren’t paying attention, she managed to escape by making her way out through a sliding glass door and fleeing down the street. By the time police arrived, the armed suspects were already gone. The thieves reportedly got away with jewelry, cash, and electronic devices with an estimated total value of $30K-$40K. A 25-year-old parolee was later arrested with the help of surveillance footage in the neighborhood.

Since that time, Elisa has been healing both mentally, emotionally, and physically. Earlier today, in a moment of vulnerability, Elisa sharerd a photo of herself wearing a sports bra, showing off her midsection that includes lengthy scars across her stomach. “As women we tend to be very hard on ourselves,” she wrote in the caption. “Months ago, I escaped from a home invasion and in the process I was left with intense scaring on my stomach. Until now I’ve been so afraid to show these scars, and incredibly insecure about the way I look. But I now realize these scars are a part of my journey, and tell the story of who I am. I love my body, and I am proud to be in the place I am today. ðŸ˜� #selfhealing.”

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