News: “Netflix” Rumored To Be Possibly Losing The Office

News: “Netflix” Rumored To Be Possibly Losing The Office

Netflix has become a household name at this point, much to the chagrin of Blockbuster video loyalists across the world. With “binge-watching” on the rise, many have found comfort in sitcoms long-finished, with familiar shows like “Friends,” “Fresh Prince,” “New Girl” and “The Office” having made for premium background viewing. Yet it would appear the streaming landscape is about to undergo a massive change, as everybody and their proverbial grandmother is dipping in for a piece of the pie. For once, Netflix’s position as the streaming juggernaut may very well be challenged, especially if NBCUniversal’s upcoming service takes “The Office” to its rightful home.

A report from The Wall Street Journal details meetings of the “internal” variety, in which NBC plots to seize “The Office” once the licensing contract expires in 2021. As many still stand loyal to Netflix (though the upcoming Disney Plus might sway a few fence-sitters), losing a beloved series like “The Office” would be a near-catastrophic blow. Especially given data pointing “The Office” as Netflix’ most-watched series, standing resoundingly over second-place “Friends.”

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