New Music: Lany & Julia Michaels – Okay

New Music: Lany & Julia Michaels - Okay
New Music: Lany & Julia Michaels – Okay

Download New Music: Lany & Julia Michaels – Okay

Lany and Julia Michaels releases a brand new smashing hot and dope single track entitled “Okay“. I don’t want this to be my last time in this apartment,” Julia Michaels and LANY frontman Paul Jason Klein sing eagerly in the first verse of their new song, “okay.” Their voices, in carefully offset harmony, are supported by a pulsating vocal sample; acoustic drumstick hits build anticipation, and then allow it to plateau gracefully near the chorus. What starts out as a careworn tune over love lost, arranged with the same tonality of LANY’s sophomore album, Malibu Nights, turns into cooled conversation, while an uncertain hope hangs over both singers.

“Okay” is the type of modern alt-pop groove whose success depends upon the right artistic visions to package the final product in the least trite way possible. Perhaps there are no two better actors to do so than Michaels and Klein. Both of them tour on monstrous individual schedules, delivering what feels like stadium-level energy to crowds in theaters across the United States; Michaels is even currently the opening act on P!nk’s Beautiful Trauma World Tour. They’ve only been able to do so by cultivating unique voices in each of their respective works, voices that can easily reexamine past heartaches and evaluate current emotional tumult.

Despite penning for pop’s heaviest hitters for years, cowriting hits like Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” and Fifth Harmony’s “Miss Movin’ On” Michaels only emerged as a performer with 2017’s “Issues,” just several months prior to LANY’s debut album release. The newness of their careers also contribute to the genuine ease with which “okay” approaches listeners’ ears: Michaels and Klein have begun cultivating their voices in an age where artistry is valued over radio-readiness. This could point to why hurt, recovery, anxiety, and love are topics that both write about openly, bearing all in the studio and thus on a stage during an album cycle. This is the kind of song(s) you wouldn’t want to miss on your playlist.

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Download, stream, listen and enjoy below.

Download New Music: Lany & Julia Michaels – Okay

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