News: Young Thug Appears To Rep The “Free YNW Melly” Movement

News: Young Thug Appears To Rep The
News: Young Thug Appears To Rep The “Free YNW Melly” Movement

Today YNW Melly’s looming trial took a dark turn, after TMZ revealed that he’s currently facing the death penalty over the alleged murder of former associates YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser. It would appear the State Of Florida is looking to dole out the harshest sentence should the young rapper be found guilty. Despite the fact that he’s since pleaded not guilty, many feel that the outlook appears bleak for the “Mixed Personalities” artist. Some have already distanced themselves from the once-rising Melly, though there are some who have chosen to remain loyal. 

As it happens, Young Thug has recently uploaded a snippet of a new preview, which likely stems from his ongoing Barter 7 sessions. In the track, Thug can be heard singing “I told that bitch to free Melvin,” all while staring a challenge into the camera. Young Thughas made no secret of his willingness to embrace and dole out violence onto his foes, and it would appear he’s decided to stand by Melly amidst this trying time. 

As of now, there’s no telling how this one will play out. Look for more details to surface in the coming weeks. As of now, it’s difficult to assess where the truth falls, especially where matters of motivation are concerned. Is Thug out of line to ride for Melly, given what he’s being accused of?

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