News: Future’s Alleged Baby Mama Appears To Have Given Birth

News: Future's Alleged Baby Mama Appears To Have Given Birth
News: Future’s Alleged Baby Mama Appears To Have Given Birth

Eliza Reign claims to have been carrying Future’s baby for the last nine months and publically, Future has done nothing to confirm or deny those allegations. Given his complete radio silence on the matter, we would imagine that the two have dealt with the situation privately to ensure child support does not become an issue once the baby is born. As it stands, the rapper already has five children by different women so there is a reason to believe that Eliza is telling the truth. After all, Future can seemingly get a woman pregnant by just nudging them on the sidewalk. It appears as though the latest addition to Pluto’s growing family has just arrived into the world with Eliza Reign hinting that she may have given birth this weekend.

The social media star posted a photo of herself in a hospital bed on Easter Sunday, telling her followers that she’s “still glowing.” She doesn’t outwardly confirm that her baby has been born but there’s enough visual evidence present for fans to safely assume that Future’s newest child is here. The sex of the baby has not yet been confirmed but Eliza will likely let everybody in on that soon.

Last week, Reign clapped back at one commenter who assumed Future was not taking ownership of this situation, which she took as an opportunity to remind everybody that they have no clue what private conversations she and Future have had. Congrats Eliza and Future!

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