News: Instagram Gallery: Gunna’s Drippiest Uploads

News: Instagram Gallery: Gunna's Drippiest Uploads
News: Instagram Gallery: Gunna’s Drippiest Uploads

For almost every hot-right-now rapper deep into the trap scene, rolling up to the scene drippin’ while flexing the latest fashions and jewelry is nearly as important as spitting fire on wax. With artists like Migos, Cardi B and 21 Savageall dropping chart-topping projects that popularize the term, arguably no other rapper in the game embodies the true sentiment of what it means to be drippin’ better than Yung Gunna. So confident is this ATL-bred rapper in his style, his swag, and his drip, he doesn’t care if you give him the credit that he’s due for popularizing the term. 

With his discography existing as an evergreen testament to the lifestyle, (Drip Season, Drip Season 2, Drip Season 3, and Drip Harder, to name a few) you don’t have to give Gunna props for his contribution to the mainstream – you just have to respect his drip. 

“I think it’s always been in my life,” said Gunna, waxing lyrical about his drip. “I always like to dress up, you know what I’m saying? Put on nice, expensive clothes. But before it was even “drip,” I used to be like, “swag.” That’s what we used to call it back then. It’s just a lifestyle,” he continued. “Even artists who make songs now with “drip,” they’ll hit me up like, “Oh, I got a song for you, it’s gonna say something about ‘drip.'” So they just putting me to the word anyway, just because I came with Drip Season.”

“Living life bro I’m happy 😃 on god!” captioned Gunna alongside a pic of him fanning some serious cash while covered head to toe in designer duds. With a fit like that, who wouldn’t be happy?

You can almost feel the chill from Gunna’s ice in this picture.

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