New Album: Cage the Elephant – Social Cues

New Album: Cage the Elephant - Social Cues
New Album: Cage the Elephant – Social Cues

Download New Album: Cage the Elephant – Social Cues

Cage the Elephant dishes out a brand new smashing hot and dope studio album, packed with 13 amazing and solid tracks entitled “Social Cues“. Cage The Elephant Matt Shultz would prefer it if you didn’t call his band rock or alternative. “There’s a lot of controversy with people having the discussion about rock and roll being dead. I mean, come on, guys, let’s move onto a new conversation,” Shultz tells me. “This conversation has been going on for 20 years. And this is a good and beautiful thing, genre-specific titles starting to disappear where we can focus more on the meat of creativity, which is the act itself of being present and creating something.”

Backing up that claim, Shultz and his Cage brethren have delivered a powerful new album, Social Cues, which moves effortlessly between the smooth groove of the lead single, “Ready To Let Go” and the rock and roll of “Broken Boy” to the beautiful vulnerability of the singer/songwriter tracks “What I’m Becoming” and “Goodbye.”

This year portends to be another massive step forward for the Kentucky-formed band, who get to display their arena-worthy live show on a co-headlining tour with Beck this summer. I spoke with Shultz in a lengthy and deep conversation about his admiration for Beck, the Beatles, why this album finds him letting go of past personal baggage and the importance of being humbled on a regular basis. This is the kind of song(s) you wouldn’t want to miss on your playlist.

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Download, stream, listen and enjoy below.

Download New Album: Cage the Elephant – Social Cues

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