News: Ashanti’s “Ample Curves” Set Off A Planetary Shift After “Stuck” Movie Premiere

News: Ashanti's
News: Ashanti’s “Ample Curves” Set Off A Planetary Shift After “Stuck” Movie Premiere

Stuck hits theaters this afternoon after much deliberation. The Michael Berry-directed musical movie was co-written by the unlikeliest of sources in Ashanti, in conjunction with the acting role she takes up on the project – as Eve, one of six strangers cramped in a broken down Subway car. Berry’s project is the latest in a line of micro story ideas expanded to fit the big screen.

To mark the occasion, Ashanti posted a series of “risqué” video clips depicting her in a chair with her ample leg room. In case you haven’t noticed, Ashanti’s re-emergence in the 2010’s is a thing of beauty.

The sentiment governing the selfies she’s been posting of late on social media is overwhelmingly positive. It would appear that women and men alike are smitten over her ever-expanding curves – to the point where people have jokingly labeled those changes as “potentially harmful” to the planet’s equilibrium.

For what it’s worth, Ashanti will be releasing a follow-up to her 2014 album Braveheart; its title is quietly being kept under wraps. The only indication we have of its progress lies in the conversations she had with a few notable periodicals in 2019, namely People Magazine where she openly admitted that a joint album with Ja Rule was still within the realm of possibility.

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