New Album: Tech N9ne – N9na

New Album: Tech N9ne - N9na
New Album: Tech N9ne – N9na

Download New Album: Tech N9ne – N9na

Tech N9ne dishes out a brand new smashing hot and dope studio album, packed with 21 amazing and solid tracks entitled “N9na“. Veteran MC Tech N9ne has finally delivered his highly-anticipated 21-track album N9NA, just one week after releasing the visual to the project’s title track. In just a few years N9ne will be celebrating three decades in the rap game, and since that time he has blessed fans with dozens of releases that have only solidified his inclusion as an emcee icon.

On N9NA, the rapper is true to the essence of what makes him great, staying away from attempting to change with the times of a trap-heavy rap culture. While there isn’t anything necessarily wrong with rappers evolving, there is something to be said about artists with longevity not conforming in an effort to stay relevant.

N9NA is wide-ranging and innovative as N9ne features a handful of artists including JL, King Iso, Maez301, Futuristic, Krizz Kaiko, Navé Monjo, C-Mob, Jelly Roll, and Church Boii. The 47-year-old rapper recently spoke with Ambrosia For Heads and explained the meaning behind the N9NA project. “Well, I did Planet last time, you know? And, after I built my planet—and people love my planet—I wanted people to get to meet the maker, N9na. It was a reintroduction for all the new fans that are coming in [and] a reintroduction to that bussin’ [that] they love so much.”

“[On this album I am] rapping like I ain’t rich, like I ain’t sold, not a near record platinum or near gold,” he said. “On Planet, I was spitting. But this one is more personal; they wanted to hear me without a lot of features. So, me on the choruses, me [throughout]. They’ve been asking me for that for years, so I gave it to ’em. Off the bat, Tech breaks down a few of his early grudges, namely that old eternal foe: The Industry. Fans might recall Tech’s previous singles like “FTI” and “The Industry Is Punks,” drawing back to his heyday. As he so aptly points out, Tech has never taken to slacking on the mic, and those he once disavowed have been forced to take notice. He takes a moment to reflect on his journey, reminiscing on some truly wild concerts. “I used to kick hard,” he laughs. “Fuckin ecstasy, shrooms, acid, the fans used to give it to me back in the day. New Year’s Eve two years in a row in Seattle Washington back in the day!. Clearly, “Like I Ain’t” is riddled with humble-brags, a testament to Tech’s wide-ranging and impressive career. He takes a moment to pay homage to a fellow Worldwide Choppa, Twista, naming the Chicago rapper as the hierarchal figure of his craft. He reflects on director Nick Cassavetes happening upon his Absolute Power album and using Tech’s music in “Alpha Dog.” In fact, Cassavetes ultimately loved his music so much, he tasked Tech with scoring the movie alongside Aaron Zigman – despite Tech having never scored a film before.

“Did it like I wasn’t a starter that was on Tha Carter,” raps Tech, reminding ya’ll that he once held it down in a pivotal role on Lil Wayne’s Carter IV. “That was a big thing that Wayne made happen when I came up here to Rikers to visit him. He said ‘when I get out it’s going to be on.’ When he got out, he called us and I went down and recorded “The Interlude” and he put Andre 3000 on it. This is the kind of song(s) you wouldn’t want to miss on your playlist.

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Download, stream, listen and enjoy below.

Download New Album: Tech N9ne – N9na

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