New Album: Stealing Sheep – Big Wows

New Album: Stealing Sheep - Big Wows
New Album: Stealing Sheep – Big Wows

Download New Album: Stealing Sheep – Big Wows

Stealing Sheep comes through with a brand new smashing hot and dope studio album, packed with 11 amazing and solid tracks entitled “Big Wows“. The third album from the Liverpudlian trio of Rebecca Hawley (keyboards), Emily Lansley (guitars and bass) and Lucy Mercer (drums) is another harmony-filled, hook-laden collection of effervescent pop. Their songs are full of bubbly keyboards, the occasional quirky melody (‘Back In Time’), and an ‘80s-tinged affection for the dancefloor (cf., ‘Jokin’ Me’)!
‘Girl’ has the kinetic energy of an arcade on a Friday night, punctuated by an infectious beat Thomas Dolby fans will drool over, but then the gals slow things down for the warm, dreamy ballad ‘Just Dreaming’, a welcome breather and change of pace from the preceding glitter and glitz. The funky title track has a booty-shaking Motown groove that loses momentum with a needlessly aimless midsection that zaps all its energy and ‘Breathe’ is too much Beyoncé candy for my taste, but the Madonna-esque ‘True Colours’ recovers nicely. While there is a sameness to some of the tunes, their unabashed energy and melodic sense pushes me over to the thumbs up side of the fence. Stealing Sheep are taking things back to the early days of the internet. A pre-social media era where things were glitchy, graphics were poor, and life was simpler. The video for their irresistible new single “Joking Me” is a sugary dose of nostalgia for Internet Explorer and MS Paint, complete with kawaii net art characters.
The fun vibes of the video match the song, a bouncy and synth-filled call to arms urging a mystery person to drop everything and run away into the dreamscape lying behind their computer screen. “Let’s meet up and go dancin’, the band urges. “Meet me on the dancefoor at midnight.”

Both the song and the video speak a lot about todays modern culture and how things seem throw away: love, communication, revealing the disappointments and let downs but also the ephemeral of the delete, trash, emoji digital world. The way you can put up a front on social media, cultivate an imagined life, your best life.
“We teamed up with 8bit video artist Pastel Castle (Emily Garner) from Leeds, who created Stealing Sheep avatars, we became pixelated superheroes in an over saturated and glitchy platform. It sets the scene for a full series of karaoke videos to be released alongside the album exploring Stealing Sheep in a digital dimension, shifting identities amidst changing cultural moods and millennial paraphernalia. The “Do you think about me” HTML malfunction noting the obsessive nature of social media. It’s a crazy time and it’s challenging navigating through it. This is the kind of song(s) you wouldn’t want to miss on your playlist.

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Download, stream, listen and enjoy below.

Download New Album: Stealing Sheep – Big Wows

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