New Album: Jade Bird – Jade Bird

New Album: Jade Bird - Jade Bird
New Album: Jade Bird – Jade Bird

Download New Album: Jade Bird – Jade Bird

Jade Bird comes through with a brand new smashing self titled studio album, packed with 12 amazing and solid tracks entitled “Jade Bird“. Several months ago, on a bitterly cold day in early December, the British singer-songwriter Jade Bird walked across the Main Street of Dingle from her hotel to St James Church. In the Co Kerry town to perform as part of the annual Other Voices festival, when Bird is on the small church stage she exudes an air of self-confidence that would make impresarios ridiculously rich if only it could be bottled and sold. An hour later, back in her hotel room, it’s clear that Bird’s onstage self-confidence isn’t an act she puts on for an audience. Thankfully, the 20-something singer has a reasoned approach to what self-confidence can turn into if ego is unhindered.

Her life, she will admit, hasn’t been the easiest by which to gain the levels of self-assurance that take you from an uncomfortable situation to one less so. As a child both of her parents were in the British army, her father stationed in Bosnia and Kosovo. By the age of seven, her parents separated, and so she and her mother moved to Wales to live with her maternal grandmother (who was also separated from her husband). As Bird grew up she had witnessed a succession of her mother’s boyfriends act, she says, unacceptably. The results of these experiences have produced their own characteristics, perhaps the major one being a life shaped by matriarchal viewpoints.

My mum brought me up by herself, pretty much. She had me at the age of 20, and my grandmother was a single mother, too, for most of her life. Watching those women be faced with whatever they were faced with, and to come out on top, gave me no excuse not to be independent and ready for what life would throw at me. You have role models through your life, and the women in my life have survived and thrived. I’d have been stupid not to have learned from that. As humans, we are undeniably social animals, and therefore interpersonal relationships, particularly romantic ones, are a big part of our lives. Consequently, it’s not uncommon for people to end up entwined in destructives relationships; the craving for that intimate bond is so intense that sometimes you’re blind to the situation.

Eventually, most end up taking off their rose-coloured glasses and seeing the reality for what it is, seeing the toxicity. Jade Bird’s “My Motto” takes us through that realisation, and the subsequent struggles of overcoming a detrimental relationship. The latest release off Bird’s upcoming self-titled debut album (out 4/19/2019 via Glassnote), “My Motto” screams optimism, with both the song and its accompanying video serving as an ode to resilience. . “This album is my experience, direct and undiluted, of the past two years,” Bird explains in her press release. “Every decision I’ve made has culminated into this magical process, just as every word I’ve written has spun into these songs. It changes in style, like most of my music, and tries to dodge boxes and genres but the consistency is me — a young woman really trying to figure it out.

By the time the bridge comes in, we are reassured of the singer’s determination to walk away from the person that is holding her back, and if that means having to be there alone, then that is okay. She makes it clear that she does not need anyone other than herself. With every restatement of the chorus, Bird’s mellow tone turns grittier, until it culminates in a raw, heartfelt, potent vocal at the end of the song.

Directed by Jamie Thraves, who also shot ‘I Get No Joy’, the video follows the retro-looking aesthetic that seems to be a common denominator in the singer’s work. It is also worth noting that Bird is wearing a boiler suit, a clothing item that has become an element of the artist’s persona. This is the kind of song(s) you wouldn’t want to miss on your playlist.

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Download, stream, listen and enjoy below.

Download New Album: Jade Bird – Jade Bird

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