News: Kim Kardashian Answers 73 Questions About Kanye West, Kids, & Her Career

Kim Kardashian just debuted her Voguefeature where she revealed details on her plans to study to become a lawyer and how she manages her husband’s bipolar. The Vogue coverage isn’t over though since Kim has allowed the cameras to come into her home, which she calls a “minimal monastery” where she answered 73 questions about her kids, husband family and more.

As for some stand-out points, we know that Kim’s favorite gift from Kanye was the adidas, Apple and Disney shares he gifted her a few years back, the last movie that made her laugh was Incredibles 2, she admires her mother’s career, she spends around thirty minutes a day on Instagram and she wishes that people would “not focus” on her ass all the time.

As for the weirdest revelation, Kim said her weirdest hidden talent is being able to smell when someone has a cavity… we can’t make this up. Finally Kim revealed the one question she hates being asked the most: “What do you do?”

Watch the full episode below and see some pretty cute moments with Kim and her three children, North, Saint, and Chicago.

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