News: Aaron Rodgers Calls Negative Story A “Smear Attack” From “Bitter Players”

News: Aaron Rodgers Calls Negative Story A “Smear Attack” From “Bitter Players”

In the words of the great Stephen A. Smith, “Aaron Rodgers is a baaaaaaaaaad” man. Usually, this phrase is used in relation to Rodgers’ abilities out on the football field. Unfortunately, the word “bad” has been used in a different context regarding Rodgers lately. For instance, the Packers quarterback has been referred to as a bad teammate who is hard to coach and play with. Of course, those claims were made in a recent in-depth article by Bleacher Report’s Tyler Dunne.

Dunne spoke to multiple unnamed sources around the Packers who claim that the Super Bowl-winner has a big ego and created problems with former head coach Mike McCarthy. While speaking on Jason Wilde and Mark Tauscher’s ESPN Milwaukee radio show, Rodgers was clearly upset with the article and let his feelings be known.

“This was a smear attack by a writer looking to advance his career talking with mostly irrelevant, bitter players who all have an agenda whether they’re advancing their own careers or just trying to stir old stuff up,” Rodgers said.

Rodgers then went on to assert that he never had any real problems with McCarthy. He explained that it was his competitive nature that sometimes led to some disagreements.

“It’s just two alpha males who are hyper-competitive and love winning and are both a little stubborn,” Rodgers said. “But again, we talked through so many issues over
the years, and that made us a lot stronger.”

Rodgers also took shots at former teammates Greg Jennings and Jermichael Finley for always being the ones who are named when negative stories about him come up.

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