The Game raps about choking ex Kim Kardashian during sex on new track

The Game raps about choking ex Kim Kardashian during sex on new track
The Game raps about choking ex Kim Kardashian during sex on new track

The describes having rough sex with Kim Kardashian on new track

The Game has come out with revealing information about his past relationship with Kim Kardashian. He raps about choking Kim Kardashian during a sexual act in a graphic new track. Kim is thought to have briefly dated the rapper years back, before her marriage to now-husband Kanye West. On the track, previewed during a listening party on Thursday night, The Game raps: ‘I held Kim Kardashian by the throat, n***a.

‘I made her swallow my kids until she choked, n***a. I should apologize cause ‘Ye is my folks, n***a.’

The reference to ‘Ye in the lyrics is a clear acknowledgement that The Game is goading Kim’s husband with the new track.

Kanye’s temper has previously flared when his wife’s exes have commented on their prior relationships in any way. Kanye, 41, took aim at Drake, 32, on Twitter last month, after finding out the Canadian rapper followed his wife on Instagram. He then furiously tweeted about Drake over 125 times, demanding an apology among other things.

Then when Kim’s ex Nick Cannon alluded to a possible previous relationship between Kim and Drake, Kanye hit back once more, saying: ‘I understand that you used to date my wife, but you get in an interview, don’t mention my wife. If someone brings my wife up, you say, “Hey, I respect that man, I’m not speaking on that.”

‘Don’t be making no suggestions, like nobody f***ed my wife.’

Back in 2016 The Game was reticent when asked about dating Kim during an interview with Wendy Williams. Having denied dating her sister Khloe, he was asked: ‘Is it true that before the Khloe rumors that you and Kim had something going on?’

The Game stumbled over his explanation. ‘Um, you know, uh….you know so uh, you know what,’ he hesitated.

‘Kanye is great, Kim is great, they’re great for each other, you know,’ he said, avoiding answering the question.

Williams acknowledged his vague answer and tilted her head towards the audience as they laughed, cheered and applauded.

The Game continued: ‘Kanye is a really good friend of mine and you know, he’s got a really good family structure,’ he explained. ‘I don’t want to disrespect their family infrastructure.’

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