News: Tekashi 6ix9ine Head Of Security Attacked, Stabbed In Face And Arm
News: Tekashi 6ix9ine Head Of Security Attacked, Stabbed In Face And Arm

Tekashi 6ix9ine head of security Shamir “Shadow” Bolivar was involved in a scary situaation that seems to almost cost him his life. Reportedly he was attacked by a group of Samoans high off drugs attacked one of his clients. Shadow was reportedly stabbed in the face and the arm, but from what we hear he destroyed the attackers by himself. Shadow is respecting in the industry as the top security money can buy.

Check the images below that Shadow shared via his own verified Instagram account.

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💂🏽 . . . . "Bodyguard Chronicles" . ⚠️🚨 . . EXPLICIT/GRUESOME/GRAPHIC . This Post Isn’t About Sympathy Cuz I Don’t Need It & Don’t Want It. . This Is About “Survival”! . This Is About “Faith” . This Is About “Savagery”. . A Few Days Ago I Had To Take On A Couple Of Big Mf’n Samoans High On Meth “Ice” While Protecting My Client. . In This Business All The Tactical Training & Gym Strength In The World Wont Help You If You Do Not Have The Will To Survive, The Animal Savagery To Inflict More Pain Than Is Being Delivered & Remain Calm & Be Aware Of Your Clients Positioning During A Conflict. . Most E.P. Deployments Are 1 on 1 With The Principle (Just You & Them) No Back-Up But A Street Fight Can Be & Will Be An Outnumbering With No Fukin Rules. (5 on 2) . In This Instance I Tried To Diffuse & Retreat But The Addicts Had Committed To This Fight & It Was On. . Getting Stabbed In The Face, Back & Arm Are The Results While Their Injures I Cannot Speak On For Legal Reasons😈💀😈. . This Post Is To Serve As An Educational Reminder To All: . This Business Ain’t For Everyone. If You Can’t Handle A Punch Or Two To The Face To Protect Your Client This Isn’t For You. . You Will Get Tested, You Will Get Bloody & You Will Be Exposed For The Warrior You Are Or The Coward You Truly May Be. . Special Thanks To All The Trauma & Plastic Surgeons That Saved My Handsome Face & Arm. . I’m Back To The Money 💰 💀💰 . (Skull Gang) 💀 .

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