New Music: YK Osiris – Anything Goes Down
New Music: YK Osiris – Anything Goes Down

YK Osiris kicks off 2019 with a new song called Anything Goes Down. The singer broke through with his hit single Valentine and has continued to push out more tunes. YK featured on Ann Marie’s rnb single Secret and it’s a good number too.

Florida rapper/R&B vocalist YK Osiris was quickly discovered by the higher ranks of the music industry after self-releasing just a few of his songs online.
After quickly singing a deal with Def Jam on the strength of his 2018 single “Valentine,” the young artist plotted out the next steps of his career, the first of which was working hard on a debut album.

YK Osiris was in the news when he took a call from a fan while on Instagram Live but quickly curved the girl upon finding out she was 16 years old. YK asked the girl her age and was taken aback when she said she was just a teenager. He told her she looks 20 but obviously didn’t want to take the call any further and abruptly ended the call. YK ended things by saying, “that’s a case!”

While we await the official links, Download his song


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