New Music: Hoodrich Pablo Juan – Fireworks
New Music: Hoodrich Pablo Juan – Fireworks

Hoodrich pablo juan drops new single titled Fireworks which comes with its official music ovideo. Hoodrich’s latest song was “Fireworks” produced by AftrParty. Watch the new video directed by JuddyRemixDem below!

Peep the visuals below.

[?] the producer
Yeah, yeah
Fireworks, fireworks, money
Pablo Juan, Zone 6 shit, nigga
Money, Plugs & Guns, 1017

Fuck it, I throw back two Percs (Fuck it)
Servin’ off-white like the t-shirt, yeah (Off-white)
Bitches used to treat me like Joe Dirt, yeah (Bitch)
Two door my coupe, used to show ‘Vert (Skrt)
Trap a hundred pounds, ain’t no work, ooh (Hundred pounds)
Fire the chopper like fireworks (Frra, boom)
Hustle all day, I ain’t never worked (Ooh)
I stay down all day ’til my feet hurt (Stay down)
I cut her off, told her it ain’t gon’ work
Trappin’ all day, gotta put money first (Got to)
Nigga run up on me and he gonna get murked (Don’t do that, my nigga)
Drippin’ in water, got swag like I surf (Ooh, swag)
Fresh to death like I just hopped out the hearse (Ha, fresh)
Diamonds hit the light, then they lookin’ like Starburst (Ice)
Never had a job, but shawty got hard work (Ooh, hard work)
Walk in this bitch and I’m lit like some fireworks (I’m lit)


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