Stephen Kellogg - Objects In The Mirror (Album)
Stephen Kellogg – Objects In The Mirror (Album)

Stephen Kellogg comes through with a brand new album titled “Objects in the Mirror” Produced by fellow Americana singer-songwriter Will Hoge, the 12-track set was recorded over the course of a single week in Nashville, TN and tracked live with minimal overdubs. The result is a snapshot of American life in 2018—raw, hopeful, and honest. “I wanted to make an album that sounded and felt like the ones I grew up loving,” says Kellogg. “Bob Seger and Cat Stevens, Tom Petty and Rod Stewart.

Emotional records where the songs relate to each other and the lyrics are front and center. That’s my true north.” Among the album’s many underlying themes of nostalgia, family, hope, and hard work, is Kellogg’s unwavering respect for the influential women of his life—from his four young daughters (to whom he relays a series of tear-jerking fatherly sentiments in “Song For Daughters”) to his wife of 16 years (the subject of his upbeat ballad “Love Of My Life”) to his beloved late-Grandmother (immortalized in a beautifully nostalgic soundbite at the title track’s opening).

In 2019, Wetware Media will be publishing Kellogg’s first full length book entitled Objects in the Mirror: A Storyteller’s Take On What Matters Most. A fitting companion to the forthcoming album, it’s a collection of essays about the parts of life that belong front and center. From marriage and work to health and forgiveness, nothing is off limits. Like the album that shares its name, the stories of Objects In The Mirror were culled from Kellogg’s own life and will take readers on a journey that is equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking.

Stream, listen and enjoy

Download Stephen Kellogg – Objects In The Mirror (Album)


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