While on the Breakfast Club, 21 Savage kept it all the way 100 and revealed that his Travis Scott feature only came through the night before his album was due to drop. This meant 21’s i am > i was album was without a La Flame feature, although it didn’t do much to dissuade fans from enjoying the 15-track effort, which was still littered with coveted features from dudes like J. Cole and Childish Gambino.

21 teased on twitter that the Travis feature would see the light of day soon, though, and he did not lie: it arrives bright and early on Christmas Eve morning (!). The song is labeled as “part 2,” and it features the same twanging, minimalistic production as the original, except for when Travis’ verse comes on, that’s when things get sinister. The guitar moves in and out, with a rush of synths and Travis’ trademark howl taking us further into the night.

What do you think of the new version? Better than the original or nah? Let us know.

Now that we’ve sat with the album for a few days, favorite songs?

Quotable Lyrics

P-pardon my lateness, this beat hittin’, slap
After take one, then just run this shit back
Say La Flame hot, no, I’m hotter than that (Yeah)
Told you before, know this deeper than rap

– Travis


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