Bad Bunny - X100pre (Album)
Bad Bunny – X100pre (Album)

Bad Bunny’s debut album is here and he titled it “X100pre”. while it didn’t quite get the roll out we’d expect, the Puerto Rican singer and rapper was anchored bya breakout year that he felt couldn’t properly come to a close without his debut effort.

“Real, real, real, real, I finished the album three days ago,” he told Billboard. “At that point I said I wanted to release it in Christmas. I didn’t want the year to end without releasing the album. I wanted to close 2018 with it.”

Bad Bunny’s X100pre features strong appearances from the likes of Drake, Diplo, and El Alfa. Coming through with 15 tracks total, X100pre is home to the previously-released “Mia,” “Estamos Bien,” and “Solo De Mi” cuts, and a first listen seems to point towards a solid showing for the 24-year old star.

Stream and enjoy below


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