The-Dream - Sextape Volume 1 (Video)
The-Dream – Sextape Volume 1 (Video)

No one ever said The-Dream wasn’t ambitious. He’s the type of artist that swings in the dirt, no matter the pitch. In 2018, the Grammy-nominated singer/producer is still making “his making,” regardless of trends and modern conventions. He gets away with this self-possession act, by delivering the goods on a consistent, and by consistent I do mean to say: when snaps out of his countless faux retirements to publish material.

After signing off on some of his publishing rights earlier in the year, The-Dream placed the importance on his next move. The ambitious 40-song three-part Sextape project is just that: a gorgeous effort by a sleeping giant. Last night, The-Dream dropped a video reel for the entire first section of the album.

With a loose narrative at his disposal, The-Dream is able to string together just over 9 minutes of sensual material reprised a few different actresses. As for the music itself, The-Dream is happiest as a rogue agent. 40 songs, no features.. no problem!

Watch and enjoy

Download The-Dream – Sextape Volume 1


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