Jane Handcock – Who Dis? (Song)

Jane Handcock - Who Dis? (Song)
Jane Handcock – Who Dis? (Song)

Jane Hancock’s versatility is at the forefront of her new offering Where’s Jane Series 1.5. Her haterade anthem “Who Dis?” flaunts her singing ability and skills as a wordsmith as she buries posers and those who value the fake.

The Bay Area artist addresses this in her rhymes: “They ain’t tryna hear real singin’ so I just rap.” The presence of both melody and bars puts the matter to rest. Clearly, Jane dismisses what the shallowness she has witnessed, continuing to body beats in whichever way she feels. Because she can.

Quotable Lyrics

Game is lethal
All these niggas is see through
No more free sessions
These bitches try to be you
I’m tryna see heaven
That’s why I let a few niggas live
But I thought about runnin’ in yo’ crib
Postin’ up subliminals
Your value of life is minimal
You need for me to beat yo ass
Like you’s in middle school

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