Hopsin – Low-key (Song)

Hopsin – Low-key (Song)
Hopsin – Low-key (Song)

Hopsin drops a new record titled Low-key which comes with the official music video which you can watch below. Hop finds himself dabbling in contemporary musical trends, delivering an Autotune-drenched melody for the chorus.

Yet the glossy veneer quickly malleates, as Hop finds himself ripping into the game’s top heap dwellers with a not-quite scathing reflection; perhaps this is a peek into the inevitable “Ill Mind” continuation?

Hop has proven himself a viable commodity in a cast of eclectic hip-hop characters. For some context, Hop recently found himself namedropped by the legendary Eminem on “Fall,” a move that yielded a particularly excited response.

Peep the visuals for Low-key by Hopsin below.

Download Hopsin – Low-key


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