Brent Faiyaz – Around Me (Video)

Brent Faiyaz - Around Me (Video)
Brent Faiyaz – Around Me (Video)

Brent Faiyaz drops the visual for “Around Me”. A couple months back Brent Faiyaz returned with his Lost EP that was equipped with six strong tracks about trust issues, self-reliance, and fame. “I see junkies every day. I hear sirens every day,” Brent told Billboard. “People want to see internet showdowns. Not experience real-life. So I figured why not bring real-life to the internet?”

Today Brent has followed up on his beloved tape with a video for the fourth single “Around Me.” The visual sees him sitting on one couch for the whole near three-minutes while different people come and go throughout.

“I wrote “Around Me” about self-reliance. Standing on my own two [feet], living in my own world. I probably talk to myself more than I talk to anyone,” he said of the song. “You gotta question the purpose you serve for those who invite themselves into your life. Learn who you are and always question the motive. No one knows you the way you do. If we don’t know ourselves, we don’t know shit.”

Check out the new-new and let us know what you think.

Download Brent Faiyaz – Around Me


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