XXXTENTACION’s Unborn Child’s Mother Revealed

XXXTENTACION’s Unborn Child’s Mother Revealed
XXXTENTACION’s Unborn Child’s Mother Revealed

Following the rapper’s death, his mother revealed that he was expecting a child, although she didn’t reveal the identity of the unborn child’s mother. New reports surfaced revealing who’s bearing the child of the late rapper before X’s mother confirmed it on Instagram.

In court documents filed for the case of XXXTENTACION’s murder suspect Michael Boatwright, the prosecutors may have revealed the identity of X’s baby mother, The Blast report. Prosecutors said that Jenesis Sanchez spent a lot of time with X prior to his death.

It was also revealed that Sanchez is currently living in a house that belongs to X’s mother, Cleopatra Bernard. X’s mother recently bought a new mansion that her son handpicked for her before his death and Sanchez seems to be residing in Bernard’s former home.

The publication’s sources said that she was expected to give birth in January which was seemingly confirmed by Sanchez’s baby registry which lists her due date as Jan. 28th.

X’s mother confirmed Jenesa as the mother of XXXTENTACION’s child on Instagram earlier today. She posted a photo of X and Sanchez with the caption, “Gekyume’s mom.” She followed it up with another post of Sanchez, captioned, “Jensis Yume’s Mom.”

Bernard confirmed the child’s name on her private Instagram feed. She revealed that X created the word “gekyume” which means “a different state” or a “next” universe of thought, according to Urban Dictionary.

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