Video: Valee Ft. Matt Ox – Awesome

Valee Ft. Matt Ox - Awesome
Valee Ft. Matt Ox – Awesome

Valee drops a visual for his track “Awesome” which features Matt Ox. Valee remains one of the fastest rising talents, cementing himself as a force to be reckoned with as he released several noteworthy tracks in 2018. While he may still be creeping under the radar, the Chicago artist managed to sneak into both our Top Songs of 2018 and Top Albums of 2018 lists.

As one of the youngest artists in the game, Matt Ox has gotten co-signs from all over. Some were surprised to find him on Valee’s “Awesome” but he sounds like he belongs on the minimalistic beat. The two recently linked up to film a luxurious video for the track, taking a helicopter ride and showing off some expensive whips.

The visuals are shot in black-and-white, making way for a stark contrast when red lyrics pop up periodically on screen. Keeping in line with a video trend for this year, “Awesome” is very glitchy. Matt Ox may pop up in one shot only to magically disappear, appearing again as if it was just a mistake in the computer programming.

Watch and enjoy the visual below

Download Valee Ft. Matt Ox – Awesome

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