Travis Scott - Yosemite Ft. Gunna, Nav (Video)
Travis Scott – Yosemite Ft. Gunna, Nav (Video)

Right now, the superstar is performing nightly on the Astroworld tour (which is seriously dope, check out our review.) There are too many standouts to keep track of on Astroworld. We’ve got “Stargazing,” “Stop Trying To Be God,” “Sicko Mode,” “Houstonfornication,” and others. We’re confused how Travis even chooses his next single at this point. “Yosemite” was a favorite from the start, keeping fans engaged with plenty of memes about Nav’s verse. Now, the trio of La Flame, Gunna, and Nav have joined up to release a brand new video.

This year has been monumental for Travis Scott. He released his career-defining album and continues to make power moves with 2018 coming to a close. The visuals are just as extravagant as the last batch the Houston rapper delivered on. If you thought “Sicko Mode” was cool, you’ve got to check out “Yosemite.” It all begins as a boy plunges from the sky into a mysterious hole, ending up in some sort of fantastical jungle. Gunna and Trav board the Astroworld PJ on the way to the amusement park as the little boy navigates his surroundings. Finally, after walking for a few minutes, he finds the entrance to Astroworld, walking through and discovering a beautiful new world.

This is a perfect compliment to the last video we received from Travis. Hopefully, more is to come in terms of Astroworld visuals.

Watch and enjoy


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