Tech N9ne – Death Threats Ft. King Iso (Song)

Tech N9ne - Death Threats Ft. King Iso (Song)
Tech N9ne – Death Threats Ft. King Iso (Song)

Tech N9ne’s always blended elements of rock and heavy metal in his music, but on “Death Threats,” those influences are as evident as ever. The rapper’s new single features King Iso and finds the two of them going bar-for-bar on some guitar-heavy production. It’s another dope record from Tech N9ne who released “Death Threats” alongside “F.T.I. 2.0.” Keep your eyes peeled for more new music from King Iso.

Tech N9ne has been consistently giving fans music for the course of his career, which is a long time. The rapper’s nearing 50 years old and hasn’t lost his hunger as an emcee. The rapper’s previously hinted at retiring from rap and doing more behind the scenes work. The rapper has a stacked roster at Strange Music who could probably benefit from having someone like Tech provide them with even more guidance. However, he hasn’t retired yet and he has more music up his sleeve. Today, he releases two new songs including his King Iso collab, “Death Threats.”

Quotable Lyrics
King shit, bring glitz, teams gift, fiend dish
They see me lookin’ like a mean lick, you dream this, your bean split
The demons said that want my wings clipped, my green stripped, my seams zipped

Listen and enjoy below

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