Gucci Mane – BiPolar Ft. Quavo (Song)

Gucci Mane - BiPolar Ft. Quavo (Song)
Gucci Mane – BiPolar Ft. Quavo (Song)

Whether he’s putting something crazy around his neck or going crazy with your girl, Gucci uses the idea of insanity to paint the picture on “BiPolar.” Migos member Quavo joins Gucci, and lays down auto-tuned ad-libs throughout the song. He also lays down the second verse, but the duet chorus between Gucci and Quavo is where this song really shines. Good luck trying to get this one out of your head.

Gucci Mane is dropping his Evil Genius album next week, and Guwop is giving fans another single before it touches down. It would make sense for an evil genius to be “BiPolar,” although Gucci spends more time using the “polar” part of the word to define his jewelry. When he isn’t rapping about how cold his ice is, Gucci uses metaphors to connect the song’s title with different concepts.

Quotable Lyrics
Bipolar with the check (Bipolar)
I just put some crazy ’round my neck (Bipolar)
Bipolar on my wrist (Bipolar)
Bipolar, man I keep on switchin’ whips (Bipolar)

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