Meek Mill – Going Bad ft. Drake (Song)
Meek Mill – Going Bad ft. Drake (Song)

Meek Mill links up with Drake in a new song called Going Bad off his latest album. Considering their past beef, a lot of fans would be curious to listen to the new track Going Bad. It may be one of the most listened tracks.

Over the hard-hitting Wheezy beat, Drizzy kicks things off, boasting about his track record (“I got more slaps than a Beatle”) and Murakami in his hallway.

Meanwhile, Meek shoots his shot with Steve Harvey’s daughter Lori Harvey (“That’s the only thing I want for Christmas”) and references Drake’s diss “Back to Back” (“Me and Drizzy back to back, it’s gettin’ scary”).

According to Meek, the reunion was a long time coming. “We actually been in contact, probably like a year before that,” he told Power 106’s “The Cruz Show.” “But we was making the right timing and catching up to make it fully natural and be effective. The message was to send out love and build bridges… It was a competitive thing—we had fun. It built us, made us stronger.”

Prior to their storied rap battle, which produced songs like “Back to Back” and “Wanna Know,” the two collaborated on tracks including “R.I.C.O.” and “Amen.”

Listen and download Meek Mill and Drake new song Going Bad below.

Download Meek Mill – Going Bad ft. Drake



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